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ma petite laine


I founded ma petite laine in 2009. It focuses on the manipulation of wool in an authentic manner and uses a mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern methods. What started as a hobby developed into a professional occupation and a way of life.

Ma petite laine's main activity is to spin rough wool, often locally collected.

Don't worry, no animal is harmed during the shearing!

This process transforms the raw product into a thread using a manual spinning-wheel. Spinning is not only used for sheep wool, I have also spun alpaca, llama and even dog hair. Next to this, a vast selection of products are created with the resulting threads.  Due to the nature of the raw product, wool, each piece is unique in its texture and colour pattern.

I am happy to share my knowledge about my trade and offer workshops. 

Ma petite laine's boutique and workshop is situated in the charming village of Blond but it also has a presence on markets. Those which broadcast other artisans and handcrafted items are favoured.

Ma petite laine is a member of Laines Locales Raiseau Limousin, an organisation gathering all the players in the wool business set in the Limousin.

I own four sheep of which I transform the wool.

                                                                                     See you soon!


This is Babette.

She is a Leicester Longwool.

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